Course Information

2016 Rouge-Orleans Course Maps

All runners, crew members, and drivers are required to familiarize themselves with the course.  2 weeks prior to the race start, the final race maps will be published, featuring any changes made to the current course.


The first 4.5 miles of the course are paved.  There are a few short up and downs, but it’s mostly flat.

Th next 90 miles features a mixture of dirt, gravel, rocks, and grass.

Miles 90 – 126.2 take place on blacktop.

The levee is closed to vehicular traffic, with the exception of the landowners.  Animals such as cows and horses may be present in the first 55 miles of the race.  Please use caution and best judgment when approaching any animals.

2016 Rouge-Orleans Course Maps

2015 Rouge-Orleans Course Maps

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