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    For those of you that are in superhuman running shape this one’s for you. You’ve already run an ultra and this is your chance to take it to the next level. This is a fast and flat course that takes you down the longest river in the country. You’ll run past old plantations, farms, leper colonies, famous restaurants and numerous ships traveling on the river. The Rouge-Orleans is also the perfect tune-up for Western States and Badwater. The weather should be prefect with temperatures averaging high 72 / low 50.

    Runners competing in teams of 2 and 3 are also running an ultra distance over the course of the race.

    2 Person Teams (60+ miles each)

    One of the unique aspect of this race is that you don’t have to run the whole thing solo to do an ultra. If you are in great shape, but not quite ready to tackle the 100+ mile race yet, than this is the perfect way to get your feet wet. The obvious benefits of the two person team are the breaks you get in between legs, giving you time to refuel and hydrate. Each member of the team will run 4-5 legs with each leg lasting between 12-18 miles. In the end you will have run around 62 miles each.

    3 Person Teams (40+ miles each)

    If 62 miles seems a bit over the top for you than give this team a try. Each member will run 5 legs with each leg lasting 6-10 miles. Thats around 41 miles per person. The added benefit here is having another person in the car with you when you not running. This will make the recovery ride more enjoyable.

    The Individual Ultra 

    Qualifying for the race

    In order to protect the safety of the runners, the Rouge-Orleans requires all individual ultra runners to have run at least one ultra event of 50 miles or longer within 12 months of the race. Upon registration you will need to provide a list of all the ultras that you‘ve run over the past year. Running 100+ miles is a brutal endeavor and should only be attempted by experienced ultra runners.  If you think that you are an exception to this rule, then send us an email.

    Entry Fees

    Early Registration = $140  (Ends December 5th 2015)

    Later Registration = $160 (Ends January 24th, 2016)

    International Runners

    FREE ENTY for runners living and traveling from outside of the United States.  You read that right, it’s free.  All you need to do is get here.  If your interested, send us an email at TheRougeOrleans@gmail.com

    737863_325921550853947_992061875_oFinishers Awards

    All finishers will receive a finishers medal, belt buckle and alligator head. Yup, and alligator head.  We’ll also throw in some other goodies.

    Overall Awards

    We haven’t decided what type of awards to give out yet, but rest assured, it will be unique.

    Aid Stations

    We will provide all of the ultra runners with 4 major aid stations at miles 25, 50, 75 and 105. These will be stocked with all the proper provisions to get you through the race. When you register for the event you will be asked to provide a list of all the food, beverages, etc that you’d like to see at the aid stations. It’s also important to remember that you crew will never be very far away, as the road they will be driving on hugs the levee for most of the race. See the FAQ page for more on the Aid Station Provisions. In addition to the 4 Major Aid Stations, there will be 4 other staffed team exchanges with water and port-o-potties.  

    Table Salt in a bowl
    Hard Boiled Eggs
    Boiled Potatoes + Salt
    Bite Size PB&J sandwiches
    Potato Chips – Lays
    Salted Pretzels
    Peanut Butter
    Ham and Turkey wraps
    Chocolate Chips Cookies
    Bananas – cut into quarters
    Salted Ritz Crackers
    Pickles / Pickle Juice
    Watermelon (if available)
    Ramon Noodles (Warm if possible) 
    Diet Coke
    Hot Chocolate (Night)
    Ginger Ale 
    Peanut Butter Cups
    Gummi Bears 
    Cliff Blocks (We’ll Provide)
    Zip Lock Bags
    Cell Phone
    Weight Scale 


    It is required that all solo runners have a crew. Having a good crew is invaluable. No matter how good of a runner you are, chances are you will not be very rational or coherent during the later stages of the race. You’re crew is there to make sure you hydrate, eat, wear sunscreen, change your shoes, and handle any minor medical issues you may have. You will suffer out there, and unless you’re a complete masochist it’s in your best interest to find yourself a crew.  **We do make exceptions to this rule.  Please email TheRougeOrleans@gmail.com if you think you have what it takes to run without a crew.

    Starting Waves

    The estimated finish time that you provide when you register will determine your wave start. If you feel like you will need the full 42 hours, than you’ll start in wave 1. The faster runners will start in later waves . Take a look at the chart below and se where you fit. The finish line will be open at midnight on Saturday, which is exactly 29 hours. If for some reason you start in the first wave and run a sub 29 hour race, you’ll beat the finish line setup.


    Rouge Orleans Wave Starts and Finish Times

    Links (Coming Soon)